Episode Forty Six – Fistineus Interuptus



We’re back, mutha-suckas! After a long summer hiatus, we jump right back into metal news, discussing the new Overkill album, Judas Priest tour dates, and a super group (of sorts) called Devil City Angels. We’re then interrupted by John’s wife, who hijacks the show with her Bret Michaels fixation. Women, right?

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2 thoughts on “Episode Forty Six – Fistineus Interuptus

  1. Christine was great. Very…real.

    I’m sorry, I can’t call her Fistine. Although, I’d be willing to bet if I met you guys, 10 minutes in I’d be saying “hey man, go tell Fistine to calm down, she’s scaring people”.

  2. Also, I’ve drank the Moe-Aid. When I heard him in the background I thought oh buddy sit down sit down!

    I hope I never have to try to have a conversation with him.

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