Episode Forty Nine – One Cup



It’s a special one tonight as Craig revamps his review system and we bring in special guest Ryan to explain to us the mysteries of modern metal. Moe joins in the fun near the end of the show, and we also get to talk about the Devil’s dick. So…enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Episode Forty Nine – One Cup

  1. Badass show, boys! First of all, Ryan deserves a medal for even showing up with Bullet For My Valentine. I love them, but I love Limp Bizkit, so take that with a grain of salt.

    Where the fuck did Crimson Shadows come from? They’ve got a rad sound, I’m gonna check them out more!

    Also, I sense a poster-off coming if I can find my old ones, which reminds me. Do you guys tend to buy concert shirts anymore? I used to buy one at every show that I went to, but I started realizing that paying $40 for a $5 fruit of the loom piece of shit was getting annoying, so now I tend to just look at the merch table and see if there’s anything that doesn’t look like an Affliction shirt and go about my merry way. I’ve found that buying shirts from a band’s website store have generally given me better quality, without it saying FUCKING UP EDMONTON 2014 on the back of it.

  2. Since Craig is adding new metrics to his review system, I think he’s overlooking one that’s a huge part of metal – the album cover. If you’re reviewing the intro, which I love, the album cover should be in there too, as that’s what you grab when you’re 2 minutes into a weird monk chant/swordfight/quiet-to-loud double drum fuckin’ assault, to make sure you didn’t grab the experimental earth sounds album by mistake.

    ANOTHER QUESTION! Do you find that bands are over-using the double bass drum? There’s been a couple of songs featured that sound like it’s a drum looper for 5 minutes.

  3. Long time listener, first time contributor!

    I had another idea – surprise, I know. A segment once in awhile called Indie Down Your Throat. Local(ish) guys that you’d like to promote, or, make fun of, whatever you’re into that day. I only know of one guy in my town that puts out his own metal music and records albums in his basement, so I’ll throw him in here.

    Leo Biollo – Desire to Rise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBkucMhB_M4&list=PLBEB58773EB762A0F

    Every year during the town fair, there’s a singing/music talent show that he enters. It’s dominated by people doing their SHE THINKS MY TRACTORS SEEEEEXY impressions for about 45 minutes, then Leo gets up and plays some shit like that song, and people lose their fucking minds wondering what drugs he’s on. METAL.

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